the night breeze leaves without warning / now a sweaty stillness /cream dense darkness /  ripe peach ohio moon reflects off the water / such tropical nights / midnight passes unnoticed

our big stone house has no air conditioning / built in the 30’s / long before such luxuries were commonplace / in the closeness of our room / clothes are unthinkable / any dry coolness the sheets may have held / long since lost

we sink deep into our mattress / softest one that ann could find / i wanted it that way / ideal for ohio december / not sultry havana nights like this

lace curtains hang limp / saturated / ceiling fan paddles / ponderous / relentless / hypnotic / provides no relief / rattan blades sigh circles overhead / like the distant wheels of the norfolk southern freight / Ernesto Lecuona syncopation

rivulets form and pool on our skin

our boat drifts

No tengo nada que declarar. Solo tengo una botella de whisky. Me he perdido

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