Guys, Bring Your Woman This In Bed

special hot chocolate

in a mug:

1 & ½ teaspoons of hershey’s cocoa
3 packets of equal aspartame sweetener
add boiling water to 2/3 full
steep and stir
add a generous splash of sugar free kailua syrup (the real thing will work too)
then / top off with fat free half and half and a blob of fat free cool whip

a couple of those chocolate filled milano cookies with your creation will be perfect / serious serious extra credit here

serve her on a tray in bed with a linen napkin

i promise / your lady will be wowed / you are pampering her with what women intensely crave / your full undivided attention / imagination / initiative / and / chocolate / and be certain to explain to her that your humble offering is (almost) entirely without dietary sin / but not because you think she is fat / oh good god no / because you know how hard she works to be gorgeous and how much you adore her

trust me

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