Over Coffee

ann and i are so different in many ways / she brought me my coffee this morning here in my office as is her custom on workdays / and as is my custom / i thanked her and in turn asked her to sit and talk for a bit and asked what it was like being her today

the answers i get to this nearly daily inquiry are usually cryptic to me / to ann she answers my inquiries with complete candor and accuracy / it set me to wondering today about the nature of all of this / are the differences in our language of intimacy gender related? / or do they have more to do with our personal background? / or genetics? / now as an engineer i will state that what follows is pure speculation on my part / entirely without any tangible data to establish accuracy

i exist in a linear world dominated by the socratic method and euclidian geometric thinking / this very state of consciousness makes it nearly impossible for me to understand the answers she dutifully provides over our daily morning coffee / ann’s world is like nature / there are no straight lines / no right angles / she sees a constellation of possibilities and goes for a walk through the night sky / i see a single star at a time / analyze the worth and strategy of attainment / and set the most direct course to reaching it / then begin considering the next destination

sheesh / no wonder we have interesting conversations / it is truly as if we are speaking in different languages / i am intent on never being distracted by the scenery on my way to a destination / i have to avoid the construction / deal with the traffic / make sure we don’t run out of gas / ann is like a puppy with her head out the car window with the air rushing by that wants to stop and sniff and examine everything on the way and is usually disappointed when the ride is over and the destination has been reached

let me be clear / and this is really important here / there is no right and wrong / good or bad / better or worse / should or shouldn’t in any of this / only diversity / i have always stressed that the prime directive in our relationship is to simply be who we are / without restraint / without apology / with authenticity as the mantra

but i am envious / i view her world as being far more beautiful than mine / a place where wonder and delight are things that still just happen on the way to the store to buy milk / i view mine as a place of order and responsibility / a place where i must plan spontaneity on the third tuesday of the month / a place not without joy but a place where joy is a direct result of my conscious efforts / we clearly need one another…

but please be sure to ask ann for her view / her answer will be much more fun…

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