Shrimp Fra Diavalo

i am out of here at 5 / home by 5:45 / on the treadmill for 45 minutes (should do 90 but cut me some slack i am in love) / then run through the shower / no after shave / i never wear after shave when i cook! / probably close to 8 by then / i set the table / turn on some soft music / light the candles / dim the lights /

good night for pasta / easy and killer /

you sit and luxuriate while i cook and wait on you / you work hard all day /

first i serve you a crusty loaf for dipping in good extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar / i think a french baguette would work / i work on the next course while you nibble on the bread and oil / next a simple but fresh baby mesculin green salad with bleu cheese / a little oil & vinegar if you want too / the water is at a rolling boil and my scratch sauce has been simmering for a while / (i don’t tell my secret / that i had the sauce started yesterday / only needed to add the shrimps and season) / i have done my mise en place / in go the shrimps / in goes the pasta / i decant the wine / let it breathe / i clear your salad dish / pour us both a glass of wine / a chianti classico / cellar temperature / back to the kitchen / done? / shrimps are easy to overcook / i plate my creation for my lady / shrimp fra diavalo over fresh penne / with pecorino romano / i break my fast / not bad / i always nail the seasoning on this dish /

heaven / i am sharing dinner with the most beautiful woman in the world / i love serving you /

we take our time / we have all the time in the world / we feel warm and sated / a spicy pasta dish does that / i pour you another glass of chianti / you giggle / i love your laugh /

full yet? / i clear the dishes / still room for coffee with biscotti and frangellico? / or maybe something lite and cool and sweet? / gelato? /

it is getting late / you look up at me and grin / i melt / i will have time to do the dishes tomorrow / right now i have more urgent duties //

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