The Loyal Opposition

you had to be there / a nice lunch in town at the clairmont / i had a turkey sandwich / ann / the rb & onions / la crema chardonnay for the lady / me / my new zealand sauvignon blanc / heaven

the conversation turns to the way we communicate / or rather the way we sometimes fail to communicate / it is a mine field / we are so very different here / i am plain spoken / forthright / i ask questions to learn that which i don’t understand / ann / well her approach is / how should i say it? / more subtle / she contends that i miss a goodly portion of what she tries to tell me / non verbal

and then / and i quote / ann says with a completely straight face:

“its not what i say / it’s how i don’t say it”

:: blink blink ::

i almost sprayed the last of my wine all over the table / and you don’t want sauvignon blanc up your nose i assure you

i adore this woman

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