The Miricle

i wrote this column 3 years ago for Christmas / i think it still applies

perhaps we were all just ready for the miracle / ready to believe in something / perhaps the darkness was so oppressive / the days were such hopeless fearful days / like the ones we remember before the second war in europe / days filled with the dread of a future in a world gone mad with hatred and poverty / perhaps days such as the ones we live in today / we were surely ready

and perhaps we were desperate / desperate to believe that benevolent magic was still possible / desperate to believe that a tiny newborn infant out in the deep judean night could be the one to bring light and the magic into the world / magic that could spread and breed more magic / magic that would feed upon itself / becoming more than itself / not just for then / but for thousands of years to come / that the vast teeming human sea could somehow be transformed / uplifted / by the birth of an infant / sleeping in a manger / we were surely ready to believe

but bethlehem ? / two millennia ago? / what less likely place or time could there have ever been for the miracle? / what really happened? / no / really / did we believe because the world was a superstitious place in so much need and pain and darkness? / was this wretchedly poor infant really all that we have been told he was by the stories that have been passed down from antiquity? / how can we know??

it is quite irrelevant what actually happened on that night long ago with the star dancing high above in the frozen stillness / the only thing that matters is that we were mysteriously given a gift / the gift of seeing that it is within our power to make the magic that we call Christmas by simply being good to one another / by treating one another with respect and understanding / by bringing love and light into the world one benevolent act at a time / not just on one day every year in december / but on every day we are given / even the possibility of peace on earth is not too great a dream / the magic lives / the miracle lives

please let me take this opportunity to wish all my readers and their loved ones / good tidings and the joy of the season / peace / and the miracle of the message that was said to have come into the world on that december night so very long ago

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