Citizen Bentley


Dear Citizen Bentley,

Thank you for your recent letter. The idea you pose about the universe being in a sense haunted is thought provoking. And while I believe it is not possible to “know” anything with certainty, it seems to be the case more often than not that things are somehow connected. And it’s so much fun to speculate isn’t it?

So how does one think about such an idea? Einstein used the phrase “spooky action at a distance” to describe quantum entanglement. Cosmologists are rife with all manor of speculative scenarios which could be candidates for an explanation for this phenomenon. I’m not usually a fan of these guys. Their answers are usually so esoteric as to be incomprehensible. Now that’s not to say that they are not “right”. But that would demand one to accept the notion that we have the ability to “know”.  Socrates would once again turn over. But more importantly it would demand us to say with complete certainty that what we perceive and how we come to interpret it is infallible. Furthermore, it would demand us to accept the notion that there is nothing we can’t comprehend, nothing which can not be “known” by us.  Does the fruit fly know about the world series? The pattern of the Fibonacci series? Or in whose hand it may have been written? Can he (she) “know”? Nope. Can’t buy it.

My background being autodidactic, I have no real training or qualification on these sorts of questions. But it has been my personal observation that the most complex and often perplexing concepts are often explained simply by dollying back. When observed from great enough distance, the pattern of the fabric becomes visible.

Often it’s not that an idea is too complicated. It’s often too simple to be believable. A yin yang of sorts? Perhaps.

Think of it this way. When there is everything. Everything is possible. Maybe we don’t “know” it. But it’s not important.

Go out and greet the sacred day and kiss your stunning wife and give thanks for friendship. The only things we can “know” are what we feel.

With Great Warmth,
Dr xxxx

PS: I have always harbored a great respect and admiration for those like yourself who can legitimately claim to have an education by virtue of the letters after their name afforded them by an institute of higher learning. I can make no such claim. My acceptance of the “Dr” moniker you place before my surname is made possible only by the honor you bestow.

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