Dear Citizen Bentley,

It always makes my day to read your words in my inbox. I will indeed try to give you a call this weekend as you suggest.


Your title gives me license to take some subjective liberties.

One of the first things I noticed upon moving to Ohio some 12 years ago, was the difference in light. As I pen this, it is still dark here although it is past 7:00 AM. Where you are, it has been day for some time now. Still being in the same time zone my expectation was that the dawn and dusk transition here would not be unlike what I had known for my entire life in New England.

I was mistaken.

The light lingers longer in the evenings here and seems more reluctant to return in the morning. There are simple reasons to account for this. I have moved some 750 miles to the west and now find myself near the extreme western terminus of the eastern time zone. New England closely borders the Atlantic time zone just off shore to your east. So even though the clock on my wall and on yours says it’s 7:20, the sun is still well to my east in New England.

Of course the opposite process will occur during tonight’s transition affording me light nearly an hour later than what you have there.

Another phenomenon occurs here that also alters the sunrise and sunset. In rutty, rolling, heavily wooded New England, the terrain tends to scatter and shadow the light when the angle is low in the morning and evening. This results in a long period of light sky to begin and end the day when the sun is not actually in view. It is dusk in the evening. Is there a word for dusk in the morning? I digress.

In Ohio the land is flat with few trees or other obstacles to shade or scatter the earliest and latest sun rays. The sun emerges from the horizon in an unsettling burst of brilliance and at day’s end, retreats just as suddenly. Sunset is over in a few moments, to my mind, most uncivilized behavior.

But to return to your original question on The Donald. Let me first say that I am indebted to the writers of the constitution. In their wisdom, they seem to have anticipated the latest election such as it was. There are substantial safeguards written into our laws who’s purpose it is to sustain the union through the election of just such an incompetent nincompoop.

So my worst fears are pretty much unfounded. I can watch the unfolding comedy with a degree of smug detachment. Indeed it’s not impossible that some good things may come to pass as a result of his Donaldship. For example, I will not morn the demise of political correctness. And who can possibly argue that Melania isn’t a hottie? The jury has yet to be convened. It’ll be a hoot.

I’ll ring you up soon.

Please remember me to your lovely wife and daughters.

Kind Regards,

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