Ten and Ten

finger and toe status / Wife writes her blog like this /  current events and how she is affected / what she is and thinks and feels today / not a stream of consciousness but more an in the moment kind of narrative / she avoids reading entries once they have been written / the catharsis seems to be her objective //

i also have a friend that is a film maker / henry has a similar way of watching things unfold  / for him there are still films to be made and sold / but he believes the process just as often turns out to be the real prize / and the originally sought after production just turns out to be irrelevant / he simply follows the story wherever it leads with grace and gratitude  / he believes in karma //

it makes me wonder about writing / is it really the act of the writing that is important? / more important than the material discussed? / how do i think about this? / it’s so entirely foreign / i’m pretty linear / i take one topic at a time / complete the discussion / then move on to the next entry / the process is primarily a means to an end / to achieve a desired output //

with that in mind / let me think about this entry / i’m now writing about this whole idea here / but since in this case the process is the message / then i’m writing about writing about the process / so that would mean the process now is writing about the process of writing about the process /  i think i’m caught in a feedback loop / it makes my head hurt //

i think i have written this piece before //

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