The Whisky Does The Rest

it was i think after four when i came to / disarray and darkness / my piss still on the table / my mask on the floor / hold in the rare air / for a long long time / the last oxygen molecule / at eleven thousand foot / san isabel camp / the corn chowder we made in the big cast iron / the rain and thunder all night / your hips in the lightning’s flash / fade to eroding grey / to first person without a clutch / seems i’m still here in spite / i can only recall a few of doctor peterson’s rules / the one about the cats / or the pareto distribution and my step grand daughters / or the lobster’s serotonin / his insights flee like wax candle drippings flow from the flame / i don’t want to argue / but nothin’s right / the house is too small / too big / you’re tired / i’m wired / i do what i can / but can’t kneel at you now / my tongue is ready / but i’m not / the four step plan is your father’s failure / the whisky does the rest

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