Almost Morning

Daddy’s here. Let me get you some water. Your silver lungs still gasp in the dark. Do you know I played executioner? I just let you go. After all I had to get back. Don’t blame me. They said that there was nothing left to do there anyway. Nothing but drive to the mountains. Scatter you above the lightning and the crosses.

I can’t absolve you. The promises you didn’t keep are your epitaph. You left us with a hole where a heart should have been. And no answers. How dare you just lie there now. What am I supposed to believe? I am not you. 

I’d keep the day at bay if only I could. What a nice visit this has been. But it will soon be light. And you will vanish, back to your damn eternity where you can keep your damn secrets In peace. See you again soon Daddy.  

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