About This Blog

nothing’s here for very long
soon nothing will remain
embrace each moment’s sweet surprise
the garden and the rain…


This blog is a collection of my thoughts and other writings some of which have been previously published at other venues. Your questions and comments are always welcome.

I pen an additional public blog entitled Row Row Row” which can best be described as an autobiographical manifesto on the cosmos, the meaning of life, and everything else.

Should you have an interest in high fidelity music systems and music reproduction, please visit “The Naked Audiophile” where I mercilessly dispense the facts, just the facts of home audio.

I also run a private eclectic music channel called The Stream. You won’t hear this mix anywhere else!  It is available on line by invitation only. But if you drop me a line and ask nicely I’ll send you the link. Or you can tune in on the radio locally on Ohio’s beautiful north coast on 92.9 FM.

Cover photo: Ann Tyson / copyright 2014.

All written material sole property of the author / copyright 2004-2019 except as credited.

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